Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Online workshop

Some of you have expressed an interest in attending lectures, or having a video tutorial available. Here is one opportunity. I am proud to be doing an online workshop for CGMV this coming Oct. This will be a 3 hour workshop followed by a 1 hour question and answer session. If interested, please check out the link below for more information and other workshops conducted by amazing artists.


Julia said...

I just wanted to give you some direct feedback on the CGMW workshop... AWESOME!!! I had already purchased your book, but listening and taking notes along with you during the workshop made it all come so much more alive. I am devouring the book now with a much more clear understanding of what you are teaching and I am so excited by how much more I am understanding anatomy and structure. I wish I could buy a DVD of the workshop! (Hint hint) Thank you so much for doing it! said...

Thanks so much! I am really happy the workshop was helpful! No plans for a DVD any time soon, but I may end up doing a class at CGMW when there online programs begin.

Thanks again so much for your feedback.