Thursday, December 23, 2010

CGMW workshop

If anyone missed the CGMW workshop I did and is interested in checking it out, it is being run again, Feb. 15. Check out this workshop and a number of others at the link below. All are super inexpensive and done by all incredible artists.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Like your blog! Many good drawing tips. You have never thought of doing some drawing videos? Like Glen Vilppu or Sheldon Borenstein at sheldons art academy. I like buying videos then i can see them anytime (when you have a tight schedule).

Just an ide.

Thanks for the blog and the great book. said...

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! I get what your saying about videos. Recently I haven't had the time to consider any project of that size, for the time being the only thing I'll have in that respect will be the stuff through CGMW. Will keep it in mind though. Thanks again!

Millan said...

Hi Michael

Hope you're well.

I came across your book, website and blog recently and was very excited to find out that you are running the online course. (Amazing book btw! :))

I have been searching for interactive instruction like this for ages and finally a course like yours is online. I live in the U.K and it seems most courses that cover analytical figure drawing are in the States.

I won't be able to sign up for the February one and so I was wondering if you were planning to hold another one later on in the year? Would it be possible to have a rough idea when, if so?


Millan said...

Hey Millan,

Thanks so much for your interest and kind words. Sorry to hear the workshop doesn't sync with your schedule this time around. I am only doing those through CGMW so only they would really know when the next offerings would be rolled out. The best I can do is post here when that time will be, if it comes around again.

Sorry to not have a more definitive answer.

All the best.