Friday, May 6, 2011

Demonstration/ Studies


Xeon said...

Hi Mr. Hampton,

Am a fan of your book and an ardent follower of your blog. :)
I pretty much follow your drawing approach exclusively. :)

There's this question I've been wanting to ask which I think many are interested to know: When you're drawing a 20 - 40 min pose, do you go from gesture to construction to anatomy, step-by-step?

In 20 min poses, I only have time to finish construction (cylinders & boxes). Gesture with details takes me 2+ mins, 8+ mins to fix proportions find landmarks and the rest of the time for constructing cylinders / boxes. LOL

Would love to hear your views.

Xeon :-) said...

Hey Xeon,

Thanks for the kind words.

Yours is a good question, but I don't have a straightforward answer unfortunately.

Every pose I treat a little differently depending on what I like about it and or what I am interested in achieving. However, following the approach given in the book I would generally be on to working with tone at around the 10 min. mark.

Having worked with this method for a while I will commonly condense steps (while still achieving the sane effects ... hopefully), however, I do still move from one stage to the next like you mentioned. I just think with more experience this process gets faster.

Regardless, where you're at now is perfect. I always tell my students that it doesn't matter how much you get done, as long as what you do put down is solid.

Hopefully this helps!

Best. said...


In addition, for the future, I will always put up the length of time each drawing took that I post. This way hopefully I will continue to answer this inquiry with examples and keep this an ongoing conversation.

Xeon said...

Hi Mr. Hampton!

Thanks for your detailed reply! I can't believe you can start tone at the 10 min mark!
That would be amazing to watch! :-O

It would be good if you can some day release your own series of drawing videos, like what Vilppu and this other guy (Sheldon Borenstein) did.

I'm sure many people including myself would only be too eager to purchase it! :-)

Good day!