Monday, March 3, 2014

Another portrait demo


Dave said...

Great paintings, thanks for sharing them!

I've attended your class at CGMA and really recommend it to anyone serious about figure drawing.

At the time I forgot asking you something, do you mind if I'll ask it here? Simple one:

How can we use asymmetrical lines when we want to draw a figure straight from the front? The spine is a straight line when seen from the front and overall I'm struggling to achieve a sense of fluidity with this view.

Thanks! said...

Hey Dave,
Thanks for the kinds words, I really appreciate it.

So for front views I usually cheat a little and push/exaggerate the side to side sway of the figure. This could be exaggerated based on where the weight is. If it is completely symmetrical I'll often avoid the asymmetry and instead push the wrapping lines on the rib cage and pelvis to lean in different perspective directions. Hopefully this makes sense. I'll look through my gestures and see if I have any I could post to this point.
Thanks again for the question, sorry for my delayed response.
Take Care.

Dave said...

It's more clear now!
Thank you so much for answering me, Micheal, I really appreciate it!