Sunday, April 19, 2015

Workshop in Rome

I am teaching a 3 day workshop in Rome this coming July. If anyone is interested here is the link


Belvane said...

I have a question, I hope it's okay. I took both of the anatomy classes you give in CGMA; does this workshop add much to the knowledge offered there? said...

Sure. It will be the same basic knowledge with some additions on the head (more info on the skull and structure) as well as some segues into comparative anatomy. If you're taken both CGMA classes you are probably in the clear though :) Hope this helps.

Belvane said...

I did take both courses, for which my pockets are now grateful, but me, less so :) I was hoping for a good excuse to see you teaching live. I'll be patient and wait until you drop by Rome again to teach some material I'm less familiar with.

Thank you for the reply, and for being a wonderful teacher :)

- Aya

Mayumi Elisa said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Michael, hello guys, i guess this link will you so much... ;)


Georges M