Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More "Bodies in Motion" studies

I can't say enough about how awesome the "Bodies in Motion" site is. Here are a few more drawings from a Capoeira sequence. The site goes live on Jan. 16. Here is a link to sign up.


Jay Gordon said...

Hi Michael, These drawing are amazing as is your book which I've been reading and studying for 2 years(of the many,many to follow) and continues to inspire and enlighten me with the practical meditations and methods you have created. I was wondering if you have an Instagram account where fans and students of you teachings such as myself could follow you regularly via a mobile device to receive any updates on any upcoming projects, classes or work you have in the pipeline. If not, I am totally content to come to this blog for tips and inspiration for anatomy design.
Thank you again for the wonderful book you published, hopefully I can get it signed by you one day !


Jay Gordon

South Africa said...

Hi Jay,
Thanks very much for your message. I'm really happy to hear that the book has been something useful for you. I actually don't have an instagram and normally post on the blog here. However, maybe I should consider it? I tend to not do workshops or classes to often. At the moment just Anatomy tools.
I'd love to sign a book for you. Anytime.

Punyesh said...

Hey Michael, I would also like to reiterate Jay's point. Your book has really helped quite a lot in ways many others have not and it would be great to be able to follow your work in a more accessible way.
Best Wishes