Sunday, December 16, 2012


Rama Pramanda said...

Your blog and book is very inspiring thank you very much for the knowledge,

i would like to ask a couple question i hope you dont mind you mind sharing the brush setting for the digital lecture i really like the stroke result you use cintiq or wacom ?should i buy cintiq ?

thank you for your time Sir. said...

Hi Rama,

Thanks! Glad I've been able to help.

1. Not at all. I only use very generic/simple default brushes. Nothing at all fancy. I just turn on the pressure sensitivity and will angle the brush shape to be elliptical as opposed to rounded. That's it though.

2. I prefer the wacom. There is something about the cintiq that I just don't like. It's really just a personal preference though.

Hope this helps.

Brian Peterson said...

I owned a Cintiq once and also did not like it. I could never find a way to draw on it comfortably since you can't just simply put it in your lap. It's too heavy and cumbersome. I prefer the Intuos much more. It will take a little getting used to but you will get proficient pretty quickly after some practice.