Saturday, January 6, 2018

Some experiments with a more direct drawing approach


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Hampton,

I just wanted to say thank you for writing your Analytical Figure Drawing book. It’s really amazing and has helped me so much. I just wanted to say that I think it would be awesome if you wrote a similar book for Animal Anatomy. I also hope that you’re doing well. Thank you so much for your time.

-Mike said...

Hi MIke,

Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm really happy to hear you've found the book useful. It would probably be a while before I ever got around to do anything on animals. I think Joe Weatherly's book is pretty fantastic for animals if your looking for one.



Anonymous said...

How many drawings would you recommend I should for each chapter of your book.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,
This is not something you can answer precisely. How good do you want to be?
The more you draw AND draw with intention, deliberately, research, the better you will get.

Mr. Hampton probably made tens of thousands of drawings using different approaches and having different goals to reach his current level of drawing something really neat in more or less 10 minutes without needing to erase or think a lot about it.

That being said, Mr.Hampton, I remember that you said somewhere that "Erasing is the devil", is it just because you notice your mistakes quickly or is it something else?
(coming from someone who uses too much ctrl+z in his life).

Lovely stuff as always! said...

Ha. Ya, I did say that. I guess it doesn't apply across the board but I say it to reinforce the ideas of following a strict workflow. The thinking being it's better to focus on what went and then address that step in a new iteration.

Jack said...

do you have any other social media profile to follow up your work? i just really can't get enough!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer!!

Unknown said...
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